Vision of CEAT

Excellence in engineering education, research and extension; committed to progressive transformation and global relevance of Philippine Agriculture and Industry

Mission of DCE

To produce quality Civil Engineering graduates with a strong sense of professionalism by:

  1. Continually upgrading the BSCE program;
  2. Providing well-rounded education that includes an appreciation for the humanities, a commitment to the protection of the environment and a deep sense of ethical principles for sound and professional practice; and
  3. Spearheading scholarly research and development from the different niches of Civil Engineering based on the highest international standards.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Engage in teaching civil engineering subjects for HEI, consultation, inspection and management services on the design and construction of civil engineering projects such as streets, bridges, highways, railroads, airports and hangars, port works, canals, river and shore improvements, lighthouses, and dry docks; buildings, fixed structures for irrigation, flood protection, drainage, water supply and sewerage works; demolition of permanent structures; and tunnels.
  2. Holding managerial or supervisory positions in public or private institutions involved in the design, preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, erection, installation and supervision of the construction of civil engineering projects.
  3. Holding leadership in research and development, training and extension work, and consultancy services on construction engineering and management, transportation and traffic management, structural analysis and design, and sanitary engineering.