The University of the Philippines Los Banos’ very own University of the Philippines Civil Engineering Society (UPCES) wraps up its annual academic forum entitled ‘Colloquia’, a series of seminars that offer relevant topics in the field of civil engineering.

Now in its ninth year, Colloquia opened its doors to college students around the country through a series of webinars that aimed to prepare future civil engineers for the new normal setting and its standards. The symposium was held via Zoom last 24th, 25th and 31st of October 2020, with the theme “Transitioning to the ‘New Normal’: Redefining Project Management Principles Towards a More Flexible Work System”.

With the help of six world-class Filipino civil engineers, Colloquia 2020 aimed to impart knowledge, tips, and insights in the field of project management in different parts of the world while facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Engr. Paul Ramirez from the Philippines kicked things off during the first day with his lecture on the condition of the real estate market. It was then followed up by Engr. Julius Marvin Flores from South Korea with his presentation about automation of pavement management systems through different computer software.

Engr. Jerome Masilang from Australia and Engr. Eliseo Ana, Jr. from the Netherlands took over during the second day with their insightful talks about commercial management approach to issues in construction, and management of large and multinational hydropower projects, respectively. The symposium ended on a high note as Engr. Justinn Valerio from New Zealand and Engr. Arlene Joy Paredes from Singapore imparted their knowledge about rapid project delivery models for the construction sector and project management and the digital transformation response to COVID-19 during the symposium’s final day.

A total of 310 aspiring civil engineers participated in the organization’s first fully online academic forum, which was co-presented by Review Innovations. UPCES sends its deepest gratitude to everyone who participated and took part in the success of Colloquia 2020.